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Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® Sortable Directory

Balance It® has trillions of free customizable recipes, but there may be cases that need an in-depth individualized consultation. Individualized consultations generally require an in-person examination or a formal case submission including complete medical records and diet history by the referring veterinarian. These consultations by a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®, and at times their resident under their direct supervision, usually take at least 2-4 hours of work to complete, and fees are reflective of this comprehensive service. A Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® specializes in the prevention, treatment, and management of nutritional diseases and conditions affecting animals. To become board-certified, veterinarians complete an internship (or first practice extensively) and then enter a formal and structured residency for an additional three to six years of advanced research and training. Some also complete an additional graduate degree (MS or PhD) in nutrition or veterinary biochemistry. This is followed by an in-depth credentials review process and a rigorous examination administered by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) or in Europe the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN). Passing this examination grants the status of Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (DACVIM) (Nutrition) or of the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (DECVCN). One of the rarer veterinary specialists, a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® is considered a world expert in veterinary nutrition and typically works at referral hospitals, veterinary schools, premiere pet food companies, or government agencies. Read More

If you are looking for a DACVIM (Nutrition) or DECVCN for an individualized consultation, below is a listing by region although most will work with veterinarians and/or clients remotely (please note that DVM Consulting, Inc. tries to keep this list active and maintains it as a courtesy and at our complete discretion):

Region Practice Name Specialist | Resident Name(s) Coordinator/Vet. Nurse Support Name(s) Website Phone No. For Clients Phone No. For Vets Email For Clients Email For Vets Typ. Min Cost (in US$) Typ. Max Cost (in US$) Additional Comments | Restrictions
WEST COAST USA Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital Dr. Lisa Weeth - +1-855-350-7387 +1-855-350-7387 - - - - -
WEST COAST USA Stewart Morgan Veterinary Nutrition Dr. Stewart Morgan - None available, please email Please email Please email - - -
WEST COAST USA University of California, Davis Dr. Andrea Fascetti - +1-530-752-7892 +1-530-752-7892 - - -
EAST COAST USA Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Joseph Wakshlag - +1-607-253-3060 +1-607-253-3060 - - Sick Pets Only.
EAST COAST USA MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center Dr. Dana Hutch - - - - - -
EAST COAST USA Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Dr. Martha G. Cline - +1-732-747-3636 +1-732-747-3636 $220.00 $630.00 In-person appointments only. No availability Jan-March 2022. Part-time availability starting April 2022 for existing clients with internal referral from Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals.
EAST COAST USA Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (cardiology patients only) Dr. Lisa M. Freeman, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition) - - - (ONLY for patients whose primary issue is heart disease) (ONLY for patients whose primary issue is heart disease) - - In-person appointments or remote consults available for patients whose primary issue is heart disease ONLY. No raw diets. Home-cooked diet options limited.
EAST COAST USA Tufts University Clinical Nutrition Service Dr. Deborah Linder, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Nutrition) - +1-508-887-4696 +1-508-887-4696 - $315.00 $502.00 Aside from pets with primary cardiac disease (please see other listing), we unfortunately have had to limit our consults to patients currently in our Tufts teaching hospitals.
EAST COAST USA Veterinary Clinical Nutrition PLLC Dr. Megan Shepherd (she/they) DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition) Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®, Comparative - - - - $412.00 $670.00 Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (VCN) is a referral-based remote specialty veterinary nutrition practice that offers remote nutrition appointments to companion animal owners referred by veterinarians across the U.S.
ROCKIES/FRONT RANGE USA Colorado State University Dr. Camille Torres Meghan Schmidt +1-970-297-5000 $250.00 $450.00 No raw food formulations.
MIDWEST USA The Ohio State University College of Vet Med Veterinary Medical Center Dr. Valerie Parker Nicole Stephens, RVT +1-614-292-3551 +1-614-292-3551 $200.00 $350.00 In-person or Zoom appointments available.
MIDWEST USA Veterinary Medical Center Louis Small Animal Hospital Univ. Of MN Dr. Julie Churchill Mettine Unruh +1-612-624-5024 +1-612-624-5024 $223.00 $650.00 In person preferred but will do remote. No raw food formulations.
MIDWEST USA University of Missouri Dr. Robert Backus - +1-573-882-7821 +1-866-895-7267 - - -
SOUTHERN USA North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Korinn Saker - +1-919-513-6999 +1-919-513-6999 - - -
SOUTHERN USA Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Consultants (NIMC) Dr. Donna M. Raditic - - - +1-865-548-1951 - - NICM is a referral based veterinary nutrition specialty practice that offers remote/telehealth nutrition and integrative medicine consultations to companion animal owners and their veterinary team.
SOUTHERN USA University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Jackie Parr, Dr. Lauren Tseng, and Dr. Gabrielle Rands (see below for Dr. Sanderson) -Clinical Nutrition Service Client Care Team (Amber and Lissa) & RVT (Patty McPhail) +1-706-542-3221 +1-706-542-3221 $295.00 (additional cost for nutrition support plans) $625.00 Open to all current UGA Clients and dog/cat owners living within the state of Georgia (with a referral from a veterinarian); Requires referral from a veterinarian with a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR); Consultations with Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist provided via telemedicine (Zoom or phone); In-person RVT appointments offered for diagnostic works ups (e.g., blood work, urinalyses, diagnostic imaging, etc.); No email ONLY consultations offered; Same day consultations ONLY offered for patients hospitalized at UGA and for patients seeing other UGA services on an outpatient basis
SOUTHERN USA University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Sanderson (see above for Drs. Bartges or Parr) - - +1-706-542-5870 +1-706-542-5870 - $50.00 $200.00 Min cost for a zoom or phone consult.Extra follow up support via email or phone is $50.00 per hour. $150 - $200 to formulate a homemade diet. Nutrition Support Service is not affiliated with the one in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at The University of Georgia. Remote consults via phone or by zoom available as well as formulation of homemade diets. No raw food formulations.
SOUTHERN USA University of Florida Small Animal Hospital Dr. Richard Hill MA VetMB PhD DACVIM (medicine) DACVIM (nutrition) MRCVS, Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM DACVIM (nutrition) DRSM, Chie Ishii DVM (resident) - +1-352-392-2235 +1-352-392-2235 - $500.00 - In person appointment only (at present) Max cost open subject to additional testing needed
SOUTHERN USA University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Maryanne Murphy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition) Dr. Angela Rollins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition) Ashley Self, BS, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition) +1-865-974-8387 +1-865-974-8387 - - No remote consultations for California residents (due to California law)
SOUTHERN USA VCA Regional Institute for Vet Emergencies and Referrals Dr. Jessica Markovich - +1-423-698-4612 - - - - - -
SOUTHERN USA Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. - - +1-252-257-1959 - - - -
SOUTHERN USA Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas Dr. Lindsey Bullen - +1-919-233-4911 - - - - - -
SOUTHERN USA Whole Pet Provisions, PLLC Dr. Laura Gaylord Cheryl Wheelock +1-919-275-0177 - - - - - -
CANADA University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College Teaching Hospital Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe - +1-519-823-8830 +1-519-823-883 - - - - -
SOUTHERN USA University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) Veterinary Medical Center Dr. Tammy Owens - +1-306-966-7087 +1-306-966-7087 - - In-person Appointments Only
AUSTRALASIA Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Dr. Nick Cave - +64 69 518 8128 +64 69 518 8128 - - -
EUROPE Expert Pet Nutrition Dr. Marta Hervera Cecilia Villaverde - +0034 602 24 95 01 - $44.00 $167.00 Only vet referred cases accepted. Remote consults available. No raw food formulations. We accept cases mainly from Europe (including UK). We see in person appointments in Ireland but for other countries we work remotely exclusively via referring veterinarians. No formulations for growth unless no commercial options available.
EUROPE Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital for Animals Dr. Dan Chan - +44 (0)1707 666399 (option 2) +44 (0)1707 666399 (option 2) - - - - -
EUROPE Universiteit Utrecht Dr. Ronald Corbee - +31 30 253 35 50 - - - - -
EUROPE Vets Now Referrals Dr. ML Chandler - +44 (0)141 328 7513 +44 (0)141 328 7513 $267.00 $401.00 Consultations with referring veterinarians only. No direct telemedicine with clients.